kaylee, 24, washington state, hufflepuff.
my interests include pop punk and feminism.
"if you get the chance to win, take it."
things i like: fall out boy, the wonder years, motion city soundtrack, farewell fighter, from indian lakes, finish ticket, fireworks, how i met your mother, the office, parenthood, parks and recreation, arrested development, 10 things i hate about you, hook, oliver, big fish, the hunger games, harry potter, a long way down by nick hornby, john green, daisies, ladybugs, frozen yogurt, nail polish, and mosh pits.



My friend Stuart has been talking about this band he knows from Provo, Utah a lot. He’s mentioned them on facebook, and then mentioned them once or twice the last couple times I saw him. They’re touring up here later this month, and he set up a house show at his house for them and another band they’re touring with and a band from Bellingham and Stuart’s band, The Sunbeams.

Anyway, this band, Timber!, is really freaking great! I finally listened to them tonight because he posted their bandcamp. So that’s what this links to. I’m only 2 songs in and feel confident recommending them to anyone who might see this. They’re kind of Freelance Whales-ish, with banjo and acoustic guitar and male/female vocal blending. But also strings. So awesome.