kaylee, 24, washington state, hufflepuff.
my interests include pop punk and feminism.
"if you get the chance to win, take it."
things i like: fall out boy, the wonder years, motion city soundtrack, farewell fighter, from indian lakes, finish ticket, fireworks, how i met your mother, the office, parenthood, parks and recreation, arrested development, 10 things i hate about you, hook, oliver, big fish, the hunger games, harry potter, a long way down by nick hornby, john green, daisies, ladybugs, frozen yogurt, nail polish, and mosh pits.


this week at the chiropractor, i got my adjustment and then was laying on the traction table thing, so it’s all vibrating and making noise, and someone was on another machine that makes even MORE noise, so i could just barely hear the music playing over the speakers. JUST barely. i thought to myself, “this sort of sounds like the beginning to sugar we’re going down… but i can barely hear it so i’m probably just projecting my own wishes onto it…” and then WHADDYA KNOW, patrick’s angelic voice appears to me, “AM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET”



just watch it


this video isnt a video of the thing in seattle, it’s a “fob funny moments of 2013” and its AMAZING.

"would you rather… live in a world where fanfiction written by your fans comes true, or…" -whole band makes a face- pete wentz: "i would rather do ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN THAT."

fucking dead.