kaylee, 24, washington state, hufflepuff.
my interests include pop punk and feminism.
"if you get the chance to win, take it."
things i like: fall out boy, the wonder years, motion city soundtrack, farewell fighter, from indian lakes, finish ticket, fireworks, how i met your mother, the office, parenthood, parks and recreation, arrested development, 10 things i hate about you, hook, oliver, big fish, the hunger games, harry potter, a long way down by nick hornby, john green, daisies, ladybugs, frozen yogurt, nail polish, and mosh pits.


just bought tickets to three shows that are going to make me VERY happy, and i still have money in the bank. i don’t really know how this happened, especially on the tails of taking five days off to go to canada, but im feeling so, so lucky to have been able to do that. thank goodness.


one of my favorite FOB encounter stories is the one where this girl was eating at a restaurant and she was wearing a FOB shirt and she felt someone looking at her so she looked out the glass window she was sitting by and Pete Wentz was on the other side of the glass just staring at her and grinning. 




#when mcr broke up

I’m assuming this was done by an elitist metal-head hater? Also, the word “emo” seriously pisses me off. Country is emotional and sappy but no one calls it emo. In metal, anger is often implied. Anger is an emotion, therefore metal is emo. So as long even the slightest amount of emotion is in any type of music, it can be called emo. 

thanks for your input but that, my friend, is pete wentz